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Long time not to pull out not only the charger electricity co

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Recently, Micro message friends spread such a message: mobile phone charger long time not inserted in the socket on the pull, easy to cause an explosion or fire. This, experts confirmed, long-term does not pull the charger has big fire danger, the general mobile phone fully charged, it should put the charger pull down.

"Mobile phone charger you plugged in the long didn't pull?" Yesterday, the reporter for this problem, random interviews with 20 people, which actually have 13 members of the public used to be the charger is inserted in the socket, long time not to pull out. Only 4 of people said, every time they will plug in after charging off. "I bought it from mobile phone did not pull off the plug." Citizens Mr. Qi told reporters, two years ago, he bought the mobile phone after the charger plug in the socket. Because to be recharged every day, Mr. Qi charger left no socket. "So for convenience, did not think there will be dangerous." Mr. Qi said.

"Don't remember how long I pulled out, there are at least a few months." Ms. Zhai citizens are using iPhone mobile phone, home charger has been inserted in the socket, home to pick up the data line can charging, very convenient. In addition, iPad and her phone is always shared this a charger, and did not pay attention to the distinction between.

In this regard, the relevant experts told reporters that the charger transformer is used to high voltage into low voltage, when the charger is in charging state still connected to the socket or a wiring board, the internal circuit board is with electricity, is still working state. In this state will consume some energy, resulting in a waste of resources. In addition, the long time does not pull the charger, easy to heat aging. "Charger is very small, there is no space and there is no way to heat, regardless of overheating or short circuit are easy to cause combustion." The expert reminds readers, most of general mobile phone charging 4 hours can be full of, full of after it should put the charger pull down. At the same time, the chargers most have connecting line is very long, if not do connection line finishing receive, in daily life is very likely to short-circuit or leakage occurs and other accidents caused due to water, trample.

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