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Mobile phone charger no-load still "eat" electricity

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Tianshan Wang (reporter Su Ying reports) mobile phone charger no-load still "eat" electricity, you know? Now many people use intelligent large screen mobile phone, the mobile phone standby time is short is a fly in the ointment of the place, "one day a charge", "sit down on the charge of" has become the habit of many people. Therefore, many Xinjiang citizens of Yining put the charger has been inserted in the power socket, even without charging never disconnected.

Ms. Sun told reporters to the public, she was at home will usually put the mobile phone charger plugged in, need to charge when connected to mobile phone, after charging directly remove the mobile phone charger and socket, very few disconnect. A few friends of Miss Sun also said, so is their daily practice.

In May 11th, the reporter interviewed more than 20 people, most of them like Ms. sun, usually in order to use convenient, mobile phone after charging is generally not unplug the charger, but remained in the wiring board. They say never considered doing so will continue to power.

Mobile phone charger no-load really can "eat" electricity? Master Zhang has many years of experience in the maintenance of cell phone to tell a reporter, mobile phone charger power supply socket although not connected mobile phone charger, but the circuit board inside the still energized in working state, thus energy consumption, but consumption is very small. In an apple mobile phone charger as an example, a power quality analyzer to measure the power of about 3 watts. That is to say, mobile phone charger is not charging the condition if the plug 24 hours off, will generate 0.07 kwh of electricity, the power consumption is 365 days a year for 25.55 degrees. At present, Yining city residents electricity price is 0.55 yuan per unit, so a year down, because not to pull out mobile phone charger, about how to spend 14.05 yuan. Moreover, long-term continuous open charger, charger will not only shorten the service life, there also exist the hidden safety danger of electric shock accident. Especially some informal manufacturers inferior charger, there may be due to fever caused by short circuit fire.

Therefore, Master Zhang think, whether it is from the conservation of electricity or from the use of safety appliances speaking, mobile phone, computer and so on after use or after charging, the best from the power supply is disconnected.

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