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The European Union voted in favour of the use of a unified mo

Release date:2014-06-18 09:37 Source:本站 Click:浏览次数: on 18 March, according to reports, the EU voted overwhelmingly in favor, in continental Europe, the introduction of a single, applicable to all mobile phone charger.

This vote last week, absolutely is overwhelmingly passed, 550 votes in favor, 12 votes against, it is part of the EU updated wireless equipment the legal process. The relevant bill to consumer electronic devices such as mobile phone how to introduce the market to make the provisions of the revision is broadly to ensure that the mobile device is convenient for production and adoption, and can coexist in the European market "harmonious consumption".

This effort has the potential for mobile electronic equipment brought a unified, generally use the charger. At present, the EU intends to choose Micro USB as the interface of the charger, anyway, this equipment is still very common. It is unclear whether this decision of the European Union will produce what kind of effect, but the mobile phone, or will be extended to tablet computers and other equipment. Anyway, the Commission has the right to decide what kind of equipment to achieve the standard.

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