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Notebook computer battery cannot buy new charge how to do?

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Can't buy a new laptop battery charging, you try to make the battery full charge with light, remember to use light later put the charger plug on the line, do not boot. If not then quickly find customer service to, after charging to the battery used machine alarm go charging, otherwise affect battery life, to charge a one-time enough.

If you find the actual battery than the original reduce many, this is caused by the memory effect of lithium ion battery. Then you can for battery initialized to remove the memory effect. Use the following steps to complete an initialization:

1, make sure your computer is turned off, and then connected to an external power source charging.

After 2, the full power to boot, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup program, and allow the computer to stop here.

3, the removal of the power adapter, let the computer continues to open, until the battery is shut down.

4, connect the power adapter to the battery is full.

5, the battery, power consumption will light.

Repeating the above steps 2-3 times, you can eliminate part of the memory effect, prolong the battery usage time.

A complete charge and discharge of the battery, and a battery repair and correction, if not the battery is bad is to change a piece.

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