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The charger can not be long-term "sticky" in the socket

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Urban residents of Mr. Zhang asked: I have two of the same brand mobile phone, during the day because the job is busy, no time to charge, so often mobile phone home on the bed at night to recharge overnight, the day up and pull down the mobile phone charger plug away, but is still plugged in. Two days ago, a friend said to do harm is big, I want to know if this is true?

In this regard, Changzhou City Fire detachment and education center fire experts Lee pointed out, now a variety of small appliances popular mobile phone charger, a, MP3, MP4, digital camera, laptop computer, camera and Walkman and so on, the number of variety, quality is uneven.

After the appliance from the pull down the charger, the charger is in break mode, but some charger after electric pull down, lights still shining, it causes the current loop in a certain range, so there still exist great security hidden danger. Therefore, fire experts reminded the public must connect the charger to charge in ventilation and easy heat dissipation place, also have a good grasp of the charger use time, don't "continuous operation", more can't always connect the charger into the socket. A long time to leave the room when the charger, will pull down, so as not to cause a fire. At the same time to choose the excellent quality of the charger.

In addition, experts also remind, charging socket during electricity frequently in mobile phone, mobile phone charging socket around the magnetic induction intensity of less than 30 cm will reach 1400 without Gauss, the immune function of cell in the body is likely to reduce the number of the harmful to human health caused some damage, so human should be far away from a mobile phone charging socket 30 centimeters of above, will avoid the phone on the bedside charging.

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