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The characteristics of solar charger

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Market research shows that charge the built-in rechargeable lithium battery: by city power (AC 100V--240V) to charge the built-in lithium battery, lights are red, about 6-7 hours can be filled, the indication lamp is extinguished said the battery is full. The solar charger is placed in the sun to charge the built-in battery. The red light indicates that the is charging, about in the sun a few hours can be filled. Because the sunlight intensity varies. Charge for the product to use: built-in lithium battery is full, can give mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4 and other digital products charge. Connect the solar charger and mobile phone or digital camera, MP3, MP4 and other digital products can charge a good connection. When charging, the indicator light shows green, that the normal charge. The matters needing attention:

The inner is provided with a protection circuit, when the overload, short-circuit protection circuit action, no voltage output, there are two methods to remove the protection:

1, with AC100-240V commercial power charging a few seconds;

2, drying in the sun. This would restore the output.

The characteristics of solar charger:

1 especially for emergency situations

When you work or travel in the wild, or encountered a power outage, the solar charger will help your busy, so your mobile phone whenever and wherever possible to keep working, keep in touch let you uninterrupted with your friends and family.

2 easy to use

No matter when and where, you can very easily to your mobile phone or other digital products charge.

3 efficient charge

To your mobile phone charging 60 minutes, get 100-150 minutes of talk time

4 environmental protection, conservation of resources

The use of green energy solar energy, can make your contribution to environmental protection.

5 stylish, easy to carry

Modelling design, simple and luxurious, stainless steel case is small, easy to carry.

6 the use of safety

Charge excessive protection, effectively extending your cell phone battery service life, the use of safety.

7 note: the first time when the charge may be filled with longer, because the battery to a shock process may take more than 10 hours, the green light will be extinguished. To charge after some time, charging time can gradually shortened.

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