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Mat type charger

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Early in the morning to a cup of coffee or tea, help you awake at work one morning. But have you ever thought of using it to charging your phone? Epiphany onEPuck is a kind of magical charger, able to absorb energy from your drink. The base is hidden a Sterling engine (an external combustion engine), which is driven by the thermal difference, can heat the hot coffee in the finally converted into electric energy; a little reassuring, it is compatible with two kinds of hot and cold drinks, you also need not be in the summer to emergency charging and holding a cup of hot tea.

Sterling engine is not new, having been invented in 1816. Modern technology and new materials, Epiphany improved its thermodynamic efficiency, create a new system, to facilitate the use of everyone in the office desk. Mat side marked red, said it used to absorb the heat; coffee, tea, soup can be placed on the surface, and then for your battery energy supplement. Over another is blue, for cold drinks like coke with ice, etc.; orange juice can bring to your current.

Mat charger

Mat coaster charger charger

In hot or cold drink slowly, slowly cooling, heating, Chester cold engine are quietly working. If people walk tea cool, ice melt, all the normal temperature, thermal difference disappears, then the charger will stop working. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee, that effort enough mobile phone battery is full of you, anyway, a good backup energy which can be regarded as the.

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