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What are the differences between the cable and wireless charg

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The market competition intensified, wireless charger. Compared with the traditional wired charger, do they just cable difference? Below we to America a wireless charger as an example, have a look it in the application with the common cable charger has what difference.

The difference between a wireless charger, charging ways: first iPhone will be loaded into the charging protection shell, then the protective sleeve is arranged in the induction base, then the induction base is connected with the power plug, power plug and then plug the power supply.

Differences between the two, connecting peripherals: iPhone in the wireless charging mode to connect peripherals, one is to come up with is loaded into the charging protection shell iPhone, two is to connect to the Mini USB Mini USB, finally connecting peripherals. IPhone charging in power converters, as long as the USB and then connected peripherals completed removed from the converter.

Differences between the three, convenience: when the mobile phone charging phone in but not available in some specific situations. At this time the wireless charger is convenient will show up. Only the charging protection sleeve picked up can be moved to any place the user convenient to answer the call. If the wired charger, you need to unplug the data line, is connected with the charging need inserted again on the data line, only need the phone placed in the inductor can charge this time wireless charger.

Differences between the four, the charging efficiency: in the charging time under the condition of the same cable battery charger used after charging for 93% of electricity consumption, wireless charger after charging for 88% of electricity consumption. Obviously, the wireless charger in the charging efficiency gap still exists, in the technology and further room for improvement.

With the continuous reform and improvement of technology, mobile phone battery charger factory will be built in inductive charging cards, no loading protection sleeve can directly charge, plus charging efficiency improvement, just around the corner from wireless charger the fist exhibition.

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