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What need to use, lithium battery charger, buy rechargeable l

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Lithium battery and charger, type: such as buy lithium battery, Ni MH charger is used, or the use of lithium battery charger to charge the nickel hydrogen battery. Rechargeable lithium ion battery and Ni MH battery requirements in different ways (way, rechargeable lithium batteries are: constant current charging, achieve the lithium battery protection voltage upper limit, must be transformed into way; the constant voltage charging mode rechargeable Ni MH battery for constant current charging) which requires the charger must have the corresponding charging conversion settings, if the charge for lithium battery with a nickel metal hydride battery, when the battery voltage reaches the upper limit, to constant current charging, automatically cut off the power lithium battery internal voltage protection will be inside the electricity core, avoid sharp electrochemical reactions lead to the occurrence of combustion, explosion and other bad battery charging condition, so the occurrence of electric charge is not enough will even not charge etc. if the charge; with special lithium battery charger for nickel metal hydride batteries, the lithium battery charger is composed of constant current into a voltage constant voltage charging cannot make Ni MH battery internal material completely activated, will ultimately guide the system charge and not enough phenomenon. It seems the two are not have both, but at present there is a very good method to solve this problem: charger with a switch, switching between Ni MH / Ni Cd and lithium battery. When switching on the Ni MH / Ni - CD, charger of MCU will judge the battery status, full stop automatically or into trickle charge state; when the switch in the lithium battery mode, the charger of MCU is blocked, so that it will not conduct error conversion of lithium battery, so as to avoid the charge is not full condition. But this charger can only charge with protective plate of lithium, which can charge the lithium battery protection board to take safety. This charger relatively special structure as filled with protective lithium electric circuit board is complex, it is to lower the cost for the implementation of the security charge lithium function. At the same time, we also advocate the users with protection board lithium battery, discharge the lithium battery more secure. In addition to using the lithium battery charger, will not cause the waste of investment. Because to do with protection board lithium battery charger of charging of the complex design, in fact, these functions can completely replace the protected by the board, and the protection plate not only functions can be embodied in charge, but also play a protective role of excellent when used in discharge. The battery charge is not into electricity, often because the battery and charger output terminals of electric seat contact the internal defects or charger without DC AC (ACDC) current conversion circuit result in charge is not into electricity, many cheap inferior charger to charge the battery often occurs when a similar situation.

Purchase recommendations: (1) choose the battery manufacturers supporting the charger to charge the battery; if not the original manufacturers supporting charger, there will be no matching phenomenon, long will damage to the battery. (2) lithium, nickel hydrogen selection of brand-name manufacturers produced a compatible charger; guaranteed brand-name manufacturers of product quality, better than the general charger will often production manufacturers, is not easy to form the damage to the battery. Lithium, nickel hydrogen compatible charger has good compatibility, it is also very convenient. (3) does not yield to the temptation of cheap, buy quality low-grade charger error. Cheap the most intolerable, some users tend to save a little money, to buy quality low-grade charger, the results of their own good bad battery, the results to buy batteries, saving the lost, so must not yield to the temptation of cheap, buy quality low-grade charger, otherwise the loss outweighs the gain!

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